Moosemeat & Marmalade 2: Backstory of Art & Dan

We will pull back the curtains to reveal the important and engaging personal details, milestones, and moments from each of their lives.

We’ll find out where they came from, who their friend and family are, and what kind of schools they went to. We’ll see how they spent their summers, where they got their first kiss, and how they got their first big break. And, of course, we’ll experience the food they grew up on and meet the people who cooked for them, who taught them how to hunt and forage, and seeing how they influenced their cuisine and culinary styles, and shaped them as people.

Like any good history this is a chronological story, at least that will be one way to experience it. But following that linear trajectory, will, in the end, tell us the story of how two men, from very different places, backgrounds, and cultures came together through a love of food; to a place where two paths converged, and to the inevitable moment when Art and Dan meet.

Production Team

Interactive Producer | Mike Wavrecan

Interactive Agency | Denman Digital

Produced By | M&M2 Productions Ltd.

Executive Producer | Hilary Pryor (M&M2 Productions Ltd.)

Broadcaster | APTN